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Michael has collaborated with vocalist/song-writer Andrea Revel for over 10 years. She has appeared on many of Michael’s soundtracks including Splinter Cell: Double Agent & Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and was also a vocalist and co-writer on various tracks under Michael’s occasional moniker ‘Behavior‘. We’ve included a preview of their super-pop track “Clap! Shake! Jump!” as an example of their work together outside of soundtracks.

Clap! Shake! Jump! is a song Andrea & McCann (as Behavior) co-wrote a few years back, and was first used in US ad campaign for Old Navy. The track was released as a single, and is not part of an album by either artist. You can find the song on virtually anywhere music is sold digitally. The remainder of the songs on this page are previews of Andrea’s full-length album ‘Citysong’, which was produced by McCann back in 2004.

  • Clap! Shake! Jump! written by McCann / Revel.
  • All 9 ‘Citysong’ tracks written by Andrea Revel
  • All songs produced and mixed by Michael McCann
  • Acoustic guitar & vocals by Andrea Revel
  • All other instruments & programming by Michael McCann

The 10-track Citysong was written by Andrea Revel and produced by Michael McCann between 2003 and 2004. Andrea wrote in the liner notes: “It was recorded in bathrooms, closets, and bedrooms across Canada – from Calgary to Montreal”. On a string budget, and armed with a $100 microphone and couple of synths, Michael and Andrea set out to create a pop album that fused the alt-folk side of Andrea’s earlier work with Michael’s electronic production background.

The result is what Exclaim! magazine says “will convince even the staunchest traditionalist that modern technology and old fashioned balladry can co-exist. Brian Eno would be proud.”


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