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Working under the artist name ‘Behavior’, Michael McCann’s award winning score for Splinter Cell: Double Agent was his first work in video games. The soundtrack for SC:DA takes players through locations all around the world: Kinshasa, Shanghai, Iceland, Siberia, Cozumel and New Orleans. The soundtrack is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic elements – blending world, electronic, roots, blues, trip-hop and traditional orchestra.

You can download the official soundtrack (20 tracks) or the expanded soundtrack (44 tracks) by clicking the download icons the right. Individual tracks are downloadable through the player above, or by visiting McCann’s Soundcloud page.

– Release: February 2007
– Label: Ubisoft Music Publishing
– Game Studio: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai
– Composed, produced and mixed by Michael McCann
– Additional composition (guitar) by Graham Playford on
tracks 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, & 15.
– Additional vocals: Andrea Revel
– Additional guitar: Graham Playford
– Additional drums & percussion: Scott Russell
– Additional strings: Brigitte Djazcer
– Additional Combat-theme arrangements: Tim Rideout

You can download individual tracks through McCann’s Soundcloud page, or download the official soundtrack in full (20 tracks – 157mb) or the expanded soundtrack (44 tracks – 247mb) by clicking on the icons to the right.Downloadable files are in .zip format. “Expanded OST” also includes hi-rez printable graphics – cover, back of cover, tray card.

2007 – 18 Tracks

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