| Splinter Cell: Double Agent – Soundtrack

Working under the artist name ‘Behavior’, Michael McCann’s award winning score for Splinter Cell: Double Agent was his first work in video games. The soundtrack for SC:DA takes players through locations all around the world: Kinshasa, Shanghai, Iceland, Siberia, Cozumel and New Orleans.

The soundtrack is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic elements – blending world, electronic, roots, blues, trip-hop and traditional orchestra. Additional composition on this project also includes guitarist Graham Playford, who performed and co-wrote much of the lead guitar work on the New York, Prison, Cozumel and Okhotsk ambient tracks of the game.

  • Release: February 2007
  • Studio: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai
  • Composed, produced and mixed by Michael McCann
  • Additional composition (guitar) by Graham Playford on
    tracks 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 & 15.
  • Musicians:

  • Additional vocals: Andrea Revel
  • Additional guitar: Graham Playford
  • Additional drums & percussion: Scott Russell
  • Additional strings (violin): Brigitte Djazcer
  • Additional Combat-theme arrangements: Tim Rideout

You can download individual tracks through McCann’s Soundcloud page, or download the official soundtrack in full (20 tracks – 157mb) or the expanded soundtrack (44 tracks – 247mb) by clicking on the icons to the right.

Downloadable files are in .zip format. “Expanded OST” also includes hi-rez printable graphics – cover, back of cover, tray card.


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